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Would you like to start a Conservation Volunteer group in your County or local area? If so, we can offer advice, support and training for your group and your projects.

There’s always going to be a need for local people and groups to look after the places where they live. The last 10 years have seen the number of people involved in local action on the environment increase significantly in Ireland.

We have experienced project leaders who can help you set up a group and undertake practical conservation projects in a fun and effective way. We can also provide ecological expertise to ensure that any practical project will improve the biodiversity of the area.

Interested in setting up your local group, get in contact with Hans Visser on or 01 8905 605.

For more information and ideas on how to set up your own group, how to run and promote it, check out
Environments for All, the BTCV Guide for Community Action, which gives a step by step approach to setting up a group.